2011 Screening Log
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Films seen in January

01. Used Cars (1980, USA) Robert Zemeckis - a must see
Zemeckis surprises, displaying quite the comic prowess early in his career, something that fails to surface much in his later stuff. Russell is pitch perfect as a used car salesman and the movie features one of the most dangerous stunts I've ever seen with Gerrit Graham narrowly escaping stumbling into the path of a speeding car.
02. How Do You Know (2010, USA) James L. Brooks - worth seeing [C]
Over-written to a fault, but Brooks has an innate ability to save even the most trite scene when his script is firing on all cylinders.
03. Catfish (2010, USA) Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman - Excellent [A-]
Completely misrepresented as a big shocking reveal doc, which is a shame as it has tarnished this film's chances of being taken seriously by many folks. The reveal is hardly a surprise, it's the fragile souls at the heart of the story that make this potent. To me this has infinitely more to say about the social network world that we live in than Fincher's over-rated work even hinted at.
04. Room in Rome (2010, Spain) Julio Medem - has redeeming facet [D+]
Fails to be drop dead sexy a la Sex and Lucia or heart-wrenching romantic a la Lovers of the Arctic Circle. Might have worked on the the stage, but as a film, it drags a bit, and the leads lack the necessary chemistry to sell Medem's fantasy.
05. The American (2010, USA) Anton Corbijn - a must see [B-]
Methodical and meticulous, Corbijn makes this film like the main character would construct it, and the end product while not for all tastes, is a cool slow burn of a thriller the likes of which hasnt been seen since the American cinema of the 1970's.
06. Black Swan (2010, USA) Darren Aronofsky - a must see [B-]
Several inspired moments keeps this one from wallowing in pretension-land (several scenes including the notorious lesbian action had me rolling the eyes), but Aronofsky is clearly swinging for the fences which is a lot more than you can say about most of this year's Oscar contenders. Portman is garnering much deserved acclaim, but it is Vincent Cassel who really shined for me. That guy takes "prick" to new level.
07. Despicable Me (2010, USA) Pierre Coffin & Chris Renaud - worth seeing [C]
A cut above your standard kids/family CGI flick, but doesn't have a whole lot going for it other than its ability to tug at your heart with the occasional blast of undeniable 'cuteness'. In a given year there are literally dozens of mediocre films made in this vein, and while Despicable Me might stand above most in 2010, in the larger scheme of things, say five years from now, it will be nothing more than a blip on the radar.
08. Make-Out with Violence (2008, USA) Deagol Brothers - worth seeing [C-]
I appreciate some of what these guys are doing, but I have to say they have little to no concept of the horror genre. The fact that this remains watchable despite the horror ineptitude goes a long way towards supporting the presence of some sort of directorial voice. Let's await a sophomore effort before determining if it's a voice worth listening too.
09. I'm Still Here (2010, USA) Casey Affleck - has redeeming facet [D+]
It's amazing that Affleck and Phoenix could immerse themselves so completely in a project but produce a work that has so little to actually say. I expected 1001 ideas working in all different directions, as the meta-film/hoax developed and the layers of reality pealed away to reveal something deeper about celebrity, acting, and the nature of the documentary film subject. What I came away with was an uncomfortable trainwreck of a picture patched together in the editing room and book-ended by some bullshit soul searching nonsense that means absolutely nothing. The gesture is appreciated, but Vincent Gallo has been "performing" for the media like this for years, and to much greater effect, and he didn't need to put it on film in order to sell it.
10. Winnebago Man (2009, USA) Ben Steinbauer - worth seeing [C]
Not the comedy I was expecting, but winds up being a thoughtfully made film as the director clearly cares about his subject, which while problematic, imbues the work with a personal investment and understanding that is a tad refreshing amidst the deeply cynical bug that seems to have infected most Docs these days.
11. Eccentricities of a Blonde-haired Girl (2009, Portugal) Manoel de Oliveira - a must see [B-]
s1. The Panels of São Vicente de Fora – A Poetic Vision (2009, Portugal) [short; 16 minutes] - below average
12. Wall Street (1987, USA) Oliver Stone - a must see
13. A Prophet (2009, France) Jacques Audiard - a must see [B+]
14. Piranha (2010, USA) Alexandre Aja [2nd viewing; last seen 08/10, no change in rating **]
15. Buried (2010, Spain) Rodrigo Cortés - a must see [B+]
16. Cyrus (2010, USA) Jay & Mark Duplass - worth seeing [C+]
17. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010, USA) Oliver Stone - worth seeing [C+]
18. Certified Copy (2010, France) Abbas Kiarostami - a must see [B+]
19. The Kings Speech (2010, UK) Tom Hooper - worth seeing [C+]
20. GasLand (2010, USA) Josh Fox - a must see [B-]
21. The Other Guys (2010, USA) Adam McKay - has redeeming facet [D]
Films seen in February
22. Enter the Void (2009, France) Gaspar Noé - Excellent [A-]
23. Marwencol (2010, USA) Jeff Malmberg - a must see [B]
24. Hatchet II (2010, USA) Adam Green - worth seeing [B-]
25. Bride of Chucky (1998, USA) Ronny Yu - worth seeing
26. Monsters (2010, UK) Gareth Edwards - worth seeing [C]
27. Altitude (2010, Canada) Kaare Andrews - worth seeing [C]
s1. Sodomites (1998, France) Gaspar Noé [short, 7 min.] - worth seeing
28. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (2010, USA) Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg - worth seeing [C+]
29. You Again (2010, USA) Andy Fickman - worthless [F]
30. Amer (2009, Belgium) Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani - Masterpiece [A]
31. Red Hill (2010, Australia) Patrick Hughes - a must see [B-]
s2. Back There -- Twilight Zone SSN 2.13 (1961, USA) David Orrick McDearmon - worth seeing
s3. The Whole Truth -- Twilight Zone SSN 2.14 (1961, USA) James Sheldon - worth seeing
s4. The Invaders -- Twilight Zone SSN 2.15 (1961, USA) Douglas Heyes - worth seeing
s5. Catharsis (2001, Belgium) Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani [short, 3min.] - has redeeming facet
s6. Chambre Jaune (2002, Belgium) Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani [short, 8 min] - [second viewing; last seen 08/06, no change in rating **]
s7. L'Etrange Portarait de la Dame en Jaune (2004, Belgium) Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani [short, 5 min.] - has redeeming facet
s8. La Fin de Notre Amour (2004, Belgium) Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani [short, 10 min.] - a must see
32. Slumming (2006, Austria) Micahel Glawogger - Excellent [A-]
s9. Smoke (2007, Poland) Grzegorz Cisiecki [short, 8 min.] - a must see
Finely produced, surreal short film shows great promise, by effectively eliciting the dream mood within a few sharp edits, it's a worthwhile journey for the adventurous. View HERE

33. 'Tamara Drewe' (2010, UK) Stephen Frears - a must see [B]
Films seen in March
34. Dinner for Schmucks (2010, USA) Jay Roach - worth seeing [C]
35. The Hole (2009, USA) Joe Dante - a must see [B]
36. Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2008, USA) James Nguyen - worthless or CAMP rating: ***
37. Final Flesh (2009, USA) Vernon Chatman - worth seeing [C+]
Quoting Olaf Moller: "Chatman, the auteur behind such diamonds in the rough as Xavier: Renegade Angel, finally makes a feature—sort of. If we believe the backstory, he gave his screenplay to a production company that specializes in shooting custom-made porn from scenarios written by their customers. Chatman’s screenplay consisted mainly of surreal scenes full of absurd dialogue, like some apocalypse-themed cross between The Exterminating Angel and Dogtooth. Now imagine something along those lines, cut-rate and performed by rather less talented actors. Brain-frying"

38. Kick-Ass (2010, USA) Matthew Vaughn [second viewing; last seen 05/10; rating upgraded from ** to ***
39. Waiting for 'Superman' (2010, USA) Davis Guggenheim - worth seeing [C+]
40. Heartbeats (2010, Canada) Xavier Dolan - a must see [B-]
41. Another Year (2010, UK) Mike Leigh - worth seeing [C+]
42. 127 Hours (2010, USA) Danny Boyle - worth seeing [C+]
43. It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010, USA) Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck - worth seeing [C]
Unique look at that awkward stage of late adolescence where youths are terrified that they may actually be fucked up and are gripped with anxiety over said issue. Boden and Fleck do a fine job, but they turn a cold shoulder on mental illnesses of a more severe nature. Galifianakis' character is framed in the best of light to keep things cheery, but the painful reality that the camera chooses to turn away from him in the end, opting for smiles over pain, is a double edged sword Boden & Fleck should really be made to answer for.
44. Land of the Lost (2009, USA) Brad Silberling [2nd viewing; last seen 07/10; no change in rating ***]
45. Jump (2009, Hong Kong) Stephen Fung - worth seeing [C-]
46. Kramer vs. Kramer (1979, USA) Robert Benton - Excellent
47. Date Night (2010, USA) Shawn Levy - worth seeing [C-]
48. Carlos (2010, France) Olivier Assayas - a must see [B]
49. I Spit on Your Grave (2010, USA) Stephen Monroe - worthless [F]
50. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010, USA) Edgar Wright - 2nd viewing; last seen 08/10; no change in rating ****
51. The Fighter (2010, USA) David O. Russell - a must see [B+]
52. Jackass 3 (2010, USA) Jeff Tremaine - worth seeing [C-]
53. Four Lions (2010, UK) Christopher Morris - a must see [B]
54. High Lane (2009, France) Abel Ferry - has redeeming facet [D-]
55. My Soul to Take (2010, USA) Wes Craven - worth seeing [C-]
56. Inside Job (2010, USA) Charles Ferguson - a must see [B-]
57. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010, USA) Woody Allen - worth seeing [C-]
58. Dune (1984, USA) David Lynch - 2nd viewing; last seen 09/04; no change in rating ****
59. Unstoppable (2010, USA) Tony Scott - worth seeing [C]
60. Husbands and Wives (1992, USA) Woody Allen - worth seeing
Films seen in April
61. Sorority Row (2009, USA) Stewart Hendler - worthless [F]
62. Mildred Pierce (2011, USA) Todd Haynes [parts 1&2; rating withheld until complete]
63. Hollywood Ending (2002, USA) Woody Allen - worth seeing
64. Bedevilled (2010, South Korea) Yang Chul-soo - worth seeing [C+]
65. Oki's Movie (2010, South Korea) Hong Sang-soo - worth seeing [C]
66. Life and Death of a Porno Gang (2010, Serbia) Mladen Djordjevic - has redeeming facet [D]
67. The League SSN 1 (2009, USA) Jeff Schaffer & Jackie Marcus Schaffer - a must see
68. We Are What We Are (2010, Mexico) Jorge Michel Grau - a must see [B]
s10. A Letter to Uncle Boonmee (2009, Thailand) Apichatpong Weerasethakul [short] - a must see
69. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2010, Thailand) Apichatpong Weerasethakul - Masterpiece [A]
70. Source Code (2011, USA) Duncan Jones - a must see [B]
71. A Woman, a Gun, and a Noodle Shop (2010, China) Zhang Yimou - worth seeing [C]
72. Mildred Pierce -- Part 3 (2011, USA) Todd Haynes [rating withheld until complete]
73. Down to the Bone (2004, USA) Debra Granik - worth seeing
74. Ricky (2009, France) Francois Ozon - worth seeing [C-]
75. The Story of a Cheat (1936, France) Sacha Guitry - Masterpiece
76. Mildred Pierce (2011, USA) Todd Haynes - Excellent [A-]
77. Lourdes (2009, Austria/France) Jessica Hausner - a must see [B]
78. The Misfits (1961, USA) John Huston - a must see
79. I Love You Phillips Morris (2009, USA) Glenn Ficarra & John Requa - a must see [B]
s10. Eel Girl (2008, New Zealand) Paul Campion [short, 6 min.] - has redeeming facet
s11. Lick the Star (1998, USA) Sofia Coppola [short, 14 min.] - a must see
s12. The Torchbearer (2005, Poland) Václav Svankmajer [short, 25 min.] - a must see
80. Rubber (2010, France) Quentin Dupieux - Excellent [A-]
81. Tangled (2010, USA) Nathan Greno & Byron Howard - a must see [B-]
82. Guys and Dolls (1955, USA) Joseph L. Makiewicz - Excellent
83. Somewhere (2010, USA) Sofia Coppola - a must see [B]
84. Bonnie's Kids (1973, USA) Arthur Marks - worth seeing
85. Police, Adjective (2009, Romania) Corneliu Porumboiu - Masterpiece [A]
86. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969, UK) Peter R. Hunt - worth seeing
87. Rolling Thunder (1977, USA) John Flynn - a must see
88. Pigs and Battleships (1961, Japan) Shohei Imamura - a must see
89. Vampire Circus (1972, UK) Robert Young - worth seeing
90. The Prowler (1951, USA) Jospeh Losey - Masterpiece
91. Toilet (2010, Canada) Naoko Ogigami - a must see [B-]
92. Leaves of Grass (2010, USA) Tim Blake Nelson - worth seeing [C-]
93. Confessions (2010, Japan) Tetsuya Nakashima - Excellent [A-]
s13. Dewey Naval Parade (1899, USA) Thomas Edison [short] - worth seeing
Films seen in May

94. Rabbit Hole (2010, USA) John Cameron Mitchell - a must see [B-]
s14. Brutal Relax (2010, Spain) Adrián Cardona & Rafa Dengrá & David Muñoz [short; 17min.] - has redeeming facet
95. The Arbor (2010, UK) Clio Barnard - a must see [B-]
96. On Tour (2010, France) Mathieu Amalric - a must see [B]
97. The Hudsucker Proxy (1994, USA) Joel & Ethan Coen - Excellent
98. Hereafter (2010, USA) Clint Eastwood - a must see [B-]
99. Let Me In (2010, USA) Matt Reeves - worth seeing [C]
100. I Saw the Devil (2010, S. Korea) Kim Jee-woon - a must see [B-]
101. Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench (2010, USA) Damien Chazelle - a must see [B]
102. Blue Valentine (2010, USA) Derek Cianfrance - worth seeing [C+]
103. Bridesmaids (2011, USA) Paul Feig - a must see [B-]
104. Animal Kingdom (2010, Australia) David Michôd - Excellent [A-]
105. Momma's Man (2008, USA) Azazel Jacobs - a must see [B]
106. Wah Do Dem (2009, USA) Ben Chace & Sam Fleischner - a must see [B-]
107. All Around Us (2008, Japan) Ryosuke Hashiguchi - a must see [B-]
108. Burke & Hare (2010, UK) John Landis - has redeeming facet [D]
s15. Antoine and Colette (1962, France) Francois Truffaut [short, 30 min.] - worth seeing
109. Of Gods and Men (2010, France) Xavier Beauvois - worth seeing [C+]
110. Drama/Mex (2006, Mexico) Gerardo Naranjo - worth seeing [C+]
111. The Violent Kind (2010, USA) The Butcher Brothers - has redeeming facet [D+]
112. Bluebeard (2009, France) Catherine Breillat - Masterpiece [A]
113. Vanishing on 7th Street (2010, USA) Brad Anderson - worth seeing [C]
114. The Great Dictator (1940, USA) Charles Chaplin - [last seen appx 10 years ago; no change in rating ****]
115. Innerspace (1987, USA) Joe Dante - [last seen appx 20 years ago; no change in rating ***]
116. The Law (1959, France) Jules Dassin - a must see
117. Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971, USA) Roger Vadim - a must see
118. The Road (2009, USA) John Hillcoat - [2nd vewing; last seen 12/09; no change in rating ****]
119. Barry Lyndon (1975, UK) Stanley Kubrick - Masterpiece
Films seen in June
120. Contact High (2009, Austria) Michael Glawogger - a must see [B+]
121. But I'm a Cheerleader (1999, USA) Jamie Babbit - worth seeing
122. S&M Hunter (1986, Japan) Shuji Kataoka - has redeeming facet
123. Red Sonja (1985, USA) Richard Fleischer - has redeeming facet
124. Gargoyles (1972, USA) Bill L. Norton - worth seeing
125. The Green Hornet (2011, USA) Michel Gondry - worth seeing [C-]
126. La Libertad (2001, Argentina) Lisandro Alonso - Excellent
127. TRON: Legacy (2010, USA) Joseph Kosinski - has redeeming facet [D]
128. Liverpool (2008, Argentina) Lisandro Alonso - Excellent [A-]
129. Tommy (1975, UK) Ken Russell - worth seeing
130. Kaboom (2010, USA) Gregg Araki - a must see [B]
131. The Last Circus (2010, Spain) Álex de la Iglesia - worth seeing [C+]
132. True Grit (2010, USA) Joel & Ethan Coen - a must see [B]
133. Rumplestiltskin (1995, USA) Mark Jones - has redeeming facet
134. 42nd Street Forever, Vol. 3: Exploitation Explosion (2008, USA) [Various] - has redeeming facet
135. The Magdalene Sisters (2002, Ireland) Peter Mullan - Excellent [A-]
136. Midnight in Paris (2011, USA) Woody Allen - worth seeing [C+]
137. Breakin' (1984, USA) Joel Silberg - worthless [or camp rating: ***]
138. Oral Fixation (2009, USA) Jake Cashill - worth seeing [C+]
139. Hall Pass (2011, USA) Peter and Bobby Farrelly - worthless [F]
140. Cedar Rapids (2011, USA) Miguel Arteta - a must see [B-]
141. Red Riding Hood (2011, USA) Catherine Hardwicke - has redeeming facet [D-]
142. Hard Eight (1996, USA) P.T. Anderson - a must see
143. The Oxford Murders (2008, Spain) Alex de la Iglesia - worth seeing [C]
144. Attenberg (2010, Greece) Athina Rachel Tsangari - a must see [B]
145. Trail of the Screaming (2007, USA) Larry Blamire - a must see [B-]
146. Attack of the Puppet People (1958, USA) Bert I. Gordon - has redeeming facet
147. A Lure: Teen Fight Club (2010, USA) Bill McAdams Jr. - worthless [F]
148. Paul (2011, USA) Greg Mottola - a must see [B+]
149. Sucker Punch (2011, USA) Zack Snyder - has redeeming facet [D]
150. The Adjustment Bureau (2011, USA) George Nolfi - worth seeing [C+]

Films seen in July
151. Super (2010, USA) James Gunn - a must see [B]
152. The Virginity Hit (2010, USA) Huck Botko & Andrew Gurland - worth seeing [C]
153. The Foot Fist Way (2006, USA) Jody Hill [3rd viewing; last seen: 05/09; no change in rating ****]
154. The Baby (1973, USA) Ted Post - worth seeing
155. 13 Assassins (2010, Japan) Takashi Miike - Excellent [A-]
156. Cutter's Way (1981, USA) Ivan Passer - a must see
157. Hobo with a Shotgun (2011, USA) Jason Eisner - worth seeing [C+]
158. Cold Fish (2010, Japan) Sion Sono - Excellent [A-]
159. Memories of Matsuko (2006, Japan) Tetsuya Nakashima - [W/O: 1:18]
160. Barney's Version (2010, Canada) Richard J. Lewis - a must see [B-]
161. Bloody Birthday (1981, USA) Ed Hunt - a must see
162. The Nesting (1981, USA) Armand Weston - has redeeming facet
163. Leap Year (2010, Mexico) Michael Rowe - a must see [B-]
164. Battlestar Galactica (1978, USA) Richard A. Colla - worth seeing
165. Insidious (2010, USA) James Wan - Excellent [A-]
166. Chained Heat (1983, USA) Paul Nicholas - has redeeming facet
167. Layer Cake (2004, UK) Matthew Vaughn - has redeeming facet [D]
168. Red Heat (1985, USA) Robert Collector - has redeeming facet
169. The Music Room (1958, India) Satyajit Ray - Masterpiece
170. Horrible Bosses (2011, USA) Seth Gordon - worth seeing [C]
171. Breaking Bad SSN 1 (2008, USA) Vince Gilligan creator - a must see
172. Red White & Blue (2010, USA) Simon Rumley - a must see [B-]
173. Nightmare in a Damaged Brain (1981, USA) Romano Scavolini - worth seeing
174. The Pack (2010, Belgium) Franck Richard - worth seeing [C-]
Even though it doesn't make a lick of fucking sense.
175. The Kong of Kong (2007, USA) Seth Gordon - 2nd viewing last seen 01/08; no change in rating ****
176. Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011, USA) Glenn Ficarra & John Requa - worth seeing [C+]
Films seen in August
177. Breaking Bad SSN 2 (2009, USA) Vince Gilligan creator - worth seeing
178. Rango (2011, USA) Gore Verbinski - has redeeming facet [D+]
179. Deep End (1970, UK) Jerzy Skolimowski - a must see
180. Stake Land (2010 USA) Jim Mickle - worth seeing [C+]
181. Peep World (2010, USA) Barry W. Blaustein - worthless [F]
182. Breaking Bad SSN 3 (2010, USA) Vince Gilligan creator - a must see
183. The Girl Who Played With Fire (2009, Sweden) Daniel Alfredson - worth seeing [C]
184. Jungle Warriors (1984, W. Germany) Ernst R. von Theumer - worthless
185. Sweetgrass (2009, USA) Ilisa Barbash & Lucien Castaing-Taylor - worth seeing [C+]
186. Damnation Alley (1977, USA) Jack Smight - has redeeming facet
187. Cold Weather (2010, USA) Aaron Katz - Excellent [A-]
188. Unknown (2011, USA) Jaume Collet-Serra - has redeeming facet [D]
s16. How it Feels to Be Run Over (1900, UK) Cecil Hepworth [short]
s17. Overnight (2011, UK) Chris Marker [short]
189. The Ward (2010, USA) John Carpenter - worth seeing [C+]
190. The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover (1977, USA) Larry Cohen
191. TrollHunter (2010, Norway) André Øvredal - worth seeing [C+]
192. Road to Nowhere (2010, USA) Monte Hellman - Masterpiece [A]
193. The Silent House (2010, Uruguay) Gustavo Hernandez - has redeeming facet [D]
194. Black Water (2007, Australia) David Nerlich & Andrew Traucki - has redeeming facet [D]
Films seen in September
195. The Kong of Kong (2007, USA) Seth Gordon - 3rd viewing last seen 07/11; no change in rating ****
196. The Beaver (2011, USA) Jodie Foster - worthless [F]
Foster is clearly gunning for the profound, but her script is so watered down and cliché ridden, the entire film backs up on itself like a single lane highway. No amount of navigating from Gibson (who was clearly ready to take this role to the darkside) could keep this one moving. Things grind to a halt long before the big climax, and it’s hard not to be embarrassed for all parties involved by the time that the big resolution comes around. This is the type of film where the cast and crew skip out on the post film Q&A to avoid having to answer for their work.
197. One Day (2011, UK) Lone Scherfig - has redeeming facet [D+]
Romantic films tend to earn their points in the subtle and intimate details. Scherfig elides detail at every moment and opts for a Cliff’s Notes version of a relationship as it sprouts from seed to eventual bloom over the span of 23 years. Working in short 1-year chapters, the story moves briskly– albeit not without a great many changes in fashion trends –leading to the eventual formation of the couple and possibly heartbreak. It’s a serviceable story but a darn forgettable piece of filmmaking.
198. The Reef (2010, Australia) Andrew Traucki - worth seeing [C]
Your typical “acts of a vengeful God” story, this time around the wrath comes when a group of boaters get stranded on a reef, and something big shows up in the water that wants to eat them. Traucki’s previous film was about a killer croc, so clearly he is drawn to this type of material. He manages to better himself in this outing by amping up the realism, adding a healthy mix of real sharks and CGI sharks, and using a lot of point-of-view camera to keep the viewers in the tension. Despite the strive for a harder survivalist edge, for better and for worse, this is still a flick better enjoyed with a popcorn.
199. The Plague Dogs (1982, UK) Martin Rosen - Masterpiece
200. Mid-August Lunch (2008, Italy) Gianni Di Gregorio - worth seeing [C]
201. Guns (1990, USA) Andy Sidaris - worthless
202. Broadcast News (1987, USA) James L. Brooks - a must see
203. Your Highness (2011, USA) David Gordon Green - worth seeing [C+]
204. Everything Must Go (2010, USA) Dan Rush - worth seeing [C-]
205. Bullitt (1968, USA) Peter Yates - a must see
206. Meek's Cutoff (2010, USA) Kelly Reichardt - Excellent [A-]
207. Prom (2011, USA) Joe Nussbaum - worthless [F]
208. Drive (2011, USA) Nicolas Winding Refn - Masterpiece [A]
209. Fear X (2003, USA) Nicolas Winding Refn - worth seeing
210. Kiss Me Deadly (1955, USA) Robert Aldrich - [3rd viewing; last seen 2003; no change in rating ****]
211. Thor (2011, USA) Kenneth Branagh - has redeeming facet [D+]
s18. The Three R's (2011, USA) David Lynch [short; 1min.] - a must see
212. Hesher (2010, USA) Spencer Susser - worth seeing [C]
213. Dexter SSN 5 (2010, USA) Various - a must see
214. Dumbo (1941, USA) Ben Sharpsteen [1st viewing in 10+ years; no change in rating ****]
215. Win Win (2011, USA) Thomas McCarthy - a must see [B-]
216. Bridesmaids (2011, USA) Paul Feig - [2nd viewing; rating downgraded to **]
217. Thief (1981, USA) Michael Mann - a must see
218. I Killed My Mother (2009, Canada) Xavier Dolan - a must see [B]
218. Primal (2010, Australia) Josh Reed - worthless [F]
Young anthropologists choose to study the wrong set of cave paintings, as one by one they are transformed into a bunch of gnarly-toothed flesh hungry savages. Think Lamberto Bava’s Demons set in the outback, and then take away everything that made Bava’s film so enjoyable (sense of character, lighting, film-within-film, etc) and all you’re left with is a bunch of co-eds trying to eat each other. The CGI-laden final act delivers some tentacle rape and over-the-top vaginal metaphors, proving that newcomer Reed is not just regurgitating themes from his favorite horror flicks, he’s constructing a fucking vomitorium.
219. A Horrible Way to Die (2010, USA) Adam Wingard - has redeeming facet [D]
A fairly basic premise, girl loves guy, guy is a killer, girl turns guy in, guy escapes from prison, girl fears for her life, enter tension and impending doom, etc.. Wingard seems to be literalizing the emotional violence of a Mumblecore picture, even going so far as to cast that movement’s figurehead Joe Swanberg in one of the leading roles. We follow the stages of a break up in the form of a serial killer -- moving through betrayal, remorese, anger, and revenge, swapping blood for tears– and it’s a concept that could have worked. Wingard unfortunately feels the need to toy around with things like depth-of-field, focus, and editing like someone who just discovered Godard, and he manages to direct both the horror and the emotion out of the film. What remains is an empty shell of a picture, technically impressive, but hollow as all hell.
220. Macabre (1958, USA) William Castle - worth seeing
A little overachiever of a film that in just 70 minutes manages to squeeze in an introduction, two extended flashbacks, half dozen major characters, and a major twist ending that while quaint by today’s standards, must have brought down the house in 1958. William Castle was clearly swinging for the fences, using this production to launch what would become his signature brand of sensationalist filmmaking.  The basic plot involves a small town doctor who must race around town to find his kidnapped daughter who may be buried alive and slowly running out of oxygen. The majority of the film makes use of a creaky graveyard set, lending the film a spooky z-grade horror vibe, and while no means a great picture, there is an undeniable charm to Castle’s crackerjack approach.

221. Good Neighbours (2010, Canada) Jacob Tierney - worth seeing [C]
222. The Exterminator (1980, USA) James Glickenhaus - worth seeing
223. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010, USA) Eli Craig - a must see [B-]
224. Scream 4 (2011, USA) Wes Craven - worthless [F]
225. American Horror Story -- Pilot Episode (2011, USA) Ryan Murphy - a must see
226. Attack the Block (2011, UK) Joe Cornish - Excellent [A-]
227. Frozen (2010, USA) Adam Green [2nd viewing; last seen Oct. '10; no change in rating ***]
228. Mutants (2009, France) David Morlet - has redeeming facet [D+]
229. The Invisible Man (1933, USA) James Whale - a must see
230. Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell (1978, USA) Curtis Harrington - worth seeing
231. From a Whisper to a Scream (1987, USA) Jeff Burr - has redeeming facet
232. Dream Home (2010, Hong Kong) Pang Ho-Cheung - has redeeming facet [D+]
233. Night of the Demon (1980, USA) James C. Wasson - has redeeming facet
234. The Sentinel (1977, USA) Michael Winner - a must see
235. Isle of the Dead (1945, USA) Mark Robson - a must see
236. Brain Dead (2007, USA) Kevin Tenney - has redeeming facet [D+]
237. Melancholia (2011, Denmark) Lars von Trier - worth seeing [C+]
238. The Woman (2011, USA) Lucky McKee - Excellent [A-]
239. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010, Finland) Jalmari Helander - a must see [B]

240. The Monster Squad (1987, USA) Fred Dekker [umpteenth viewing; last seen 09/08; no change in rating ****]

Films seen in November
241. Breaking Bad SSN 4 (2010, USA) Vince Gilligan creator - best season to date.
242. The Tree of Life (2011, USA) Terrence Malick - Masterpiece [A]
243. Bill Cunningham New York (2010, USA) Richard Press - a must see [B+]
244. Machete Maidens Unleashed! (2010, Australia) Mark Hartley - worth seeing [C+]
245. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011, USA) Joe Johnston - has redeeming facet [D+]
246. A Fish Called Wanda (1988, UK) Charles Crichton - a must see
247. The League SSN 2 (2010, USA) Jeff & Jackie Schaffer - above average
248. Nostalgia for the Light (2010, Chile) Patricio Guzman - worth seeing [C]
249. Limitless (2011, USA) Neil Burger - worth seeing [C]
250. Nuts in May (1976, UK) Mike Leigh - Excellent
251. The Trip (2010, UK) Michael Winterbottom - a must see [B]
252. Terri (2011, USA) Azazel Jacobs - a must see [B-]
253. Putty Hill (2010, USA) Matthew Porterfield - worth seeing [C+]
254. Red State (2011, USA) Kevin Smith - a must see [B]
255. Le Quattro Volte (2010, Italy) Michelangelo Frammartino - a must see [B+]
256. Mars Needs Moms (2011, USA) Simon Wells - worth seeing [C]
257. X-Men: First Class (2011, USA) Matthew Vaughn - worth seeing [C-]
258. Redline (2009, Japan) Takeshi Koike - a must see [B-]
259. Ben Hur (1959, USA) William Wyler - worth seeing
260. Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982, USA) Carl Reiner - worth seeing
261. Bad Teacher (2011, USA) Jake Kasdan - worthless [F]
262. Super 8 (2011, USA) J.J. Abrams - worth seeing [C+]
Films seen in December
263. Hanna (2011, UK) Joe Wright - worth seeing [C]
264. Bellflower (2011, USA) Evan Glodell - a must see [B+]
265. High Hopes (1988, UK) Mike Leigh - Excellent
266. The Future (2011, USA) Miranda July - worth seeing [C+]
267. 30 Minutes or Less (2011) Ruben Fleischer - worth seeing [C]
268. Outrage (2010, Japan) Takeshi Kitano - worth seeing [C+]
269. Chillerama (2011, USA) Various - has redeeming facet [D] or see breakdown below
Adam Green -- segment "The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein" - **
Joe Lynch -- segment "Zom-B-Movie" - *
Adam Rifkin -- segment "Wadzilla" - *
Tim Sullivan -- segment "I was a Teenage Werebear" - ZERO

270. Beginners (2010, USA) Mike Mills - a must see [B]
271. The Hangover Part II (2011, USA) Todd Phillips - worthless [F]
272. Tony Manero (2008, Chile) Pablo Larrain - a must see [B+]
273. Tabloid (2010, USA) Errol Morris - a must see [B-]
274. Friends With Benefits (2011, USA) Will Gluck - worthless [F]
275. Guilty of Romance (2011, Japan) Sion Sono - worth seeing [C]
276. The Descendants (2011, USA) Alexander Payne - Masterpiece [A]
277. Daddy Longlegs (2009, USA) Ben & Joshua Safdie - worth seeing [C+]
278. Home Alone (1990, USA) Christopher Columbus [first viewing in 10+ years; no change in rating ***]
279. A Christmas Story (1983, Canada) Bob Clark [last seen 12/08, no change in rating ****]
280. American Horror Story SSN 1 (2011, USA) Ryan Murphy Creator - has redeeming facet
281. The League SSN 3 (2011, USA) Jeff & Jackie Schaffer - a must see
282. The Sure Thing (1985, USA) Rob Reiner - has redeeming facet
283. A Separation (2011, Iran) Asghar Farhadi - Masterpiece [A]
284. Warrior (2011, USA) Gavin O'Connor - worth seeing [C]

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