Links for daily reading

IMDB - Is the dictionary, encyclopedia, and holy bible of movie resources
DVD Beaver - Gary W. Tooze's amazing site is almost pornographic to DVD lovers
Mike D'Angelo - The Man Who Viewed Too Much
Michael Sicinski - Academic Hack
Jason Overbeck's - Bent Clouds
Steve Carlson - Listology Screening Log and Blog

Jeremy Heilman - Movie Martyr
Dave Kehr - Blog
Roger Ebert -
Slant Magazine
Theo's Century of Movies
Stacie Ponder - Final Girl
Bloody Disgusting - Horror Reviews
Dread Central - Horror Reviews
The Horror Review - Horror Reviews
10K Bullets - Horror DVD Reviews

Brief Capsules - The Chicago Reader's brief movie review engine is a valuable resource when you want quick info on a film.

Strictly Film School - One of the best sites for fans of world cinema.

Masters of Cinema - Nick Wrigley, Trond Trondsen, and Doug Cummings' collaborative site. An increasingly valuable resource.

Links to critics

Jonathan Rosenbaum - Is perhaps the greatest film critic we have.

J. Hoberman - "Bluntly put, to not get Bresson is to not get the idea of motion pictures - it's to have missed that train the Lumiére brothers filmed arriving at Lyon station 110 years ago." - Hoberman is God.

The Guardian - UK movie reviews.At times illuminating, but often head scratching.

Scott Tobias - Our taste in cinema for 2003 and 2004 is very similar.

Eccentric Cinema - Like cult movies? Go here. I don't often agree with their ratings, but the photos and sound clips are often enough to decide if something is worth checking out.

James Berardinelli- Should Richard Roeper ever pass away, this guy would suit the position nicely. blah.

The Gline - Offers up some wonderful discoveries in Asian cinema.

Baaab - Another screening log movie addict, with whom I share a 'mutual appreciation' of a certain film.

when canses were classled - Eric Henderson cracks me up. His taste in genre film is equally awesome.

Doug Cummings - Eloquent film blog from a co-author of Masters of Cinema and rather nice guy.

Yet Another Boring Film Journal - "boring" my ass. Steve Russell's site is worth checking out.

Film Critic Top 10 Lists - Great resource of lists from some of the best.

Filmbrain - You can't beat the name of his site, and I can't win his F'n screen capture game.